All prices incl. VAT.

Purchase delivery within Sweden
Shipping price 59 sek
Delivery time 3-4 days

Purchase delivery outside Sweden
Shipping price 149 sek
Delivery time 7-10 days

Returns or complaint
If you wish to return your purchase, you pay for return shipping yourself, see address below. When the book arrives our warehouse will contact you for a refund of the book price SEK 119.

If your return has grounds for complaint, we pay for the return of the product.
Please email lager@conera.se and we will get back to you with information and information.

When goods are returned to ConEra, please note that copies of documents (proof of delivery or order confirmation) from the original order must be attached. Please write and explain your case and we know how we can support and help you.

Delivery to:
ConEra AB
Marieholmsgatan 54
415 02 Gothenburg